University of Michigan Master of Fine Arts Thesis Project: pre-made/re-made

pre-made/re-made was conceived, curated and constructed by Maxx Passion in partial fulfillment of the requirements to receive a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Dance work lived on the screen, and among photographs, sculptures and soundscapes made by a web of artists from various disciplines. New and old technologies were used to display the interdisciplinary and multimodal artworks; television monitors of various sizes showed video work, a slide projector displayed photographs that were taken as digital images, and soundscapes were developed in state-of-the-art music programs as well as with orchestral instruments. The project explored the liminal space between digital and analog by constructing a world where multi-disciplinary artwork developed with digital components lived alongside and inside contemporary and outdated technologies.



pre-made/re-made set out to experiment with an audience’s expectation of both the dance making processes and the presentation of dance by showing work that is in a finished, but not terminal, state of completion. This project posed the question, “Can the product be the process and the process be the product?” pre-made/re-made was composed of three sections that were each created using a different dance making technique. Each could have existed as a solo work, but pre-made/re-made was a presentation of the process of making a work, rather than the presentation of the work. Although the installation no longer exists in the Duderstadt Gallery, each element of pre-made/re-made has the potential to be presented elsewhere with any number of new elements added, rearranged, and expanded upon by a different group of artists in a different space. The premiere iteration of the installation was free and open to the public at the Duderstadt Gallery April 21st-26th, 2014.


visit HERE to read preliminary research and final thesis paper 

visit HERE to read my paper, Social Media as a new paradigm for dance making which I presented at the International Joint Conference in Dance Research: Dance ACTions - Traditions and Transformations

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